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Amanda Marie was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Like any other female growing up in the '90s she is a fan of artists like Backstreet Boys, Five, Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, and AJ McLean. She started writing when she was in junior high and from there when to write many "Fan Fictions" and some of her own original stories.

Amanda spent a year living in Brookings, Oregon with her newfound sister and spent time on the local community stages. She spends her free time listening to music and spending time with family. She also likes to rockhunt. She currently lives in Klamath Falls with her husband, three children (almost four), dog, mother, and disabled grandmother while she works on her writing career. 

Amanda has a degree in business management and received her Master's degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University in 2012. She hopes to use what she learned to teach at a college or high school level and also to bring her books to life on the big screen. 

She had the opportunity to be an extra in the film Redwood Highway starring Shirley Knight, Tom Skerritt, and James LeGros. Redwood Highway is available on DVD.



OCTOBER 2, 2016

  The sequel to Torii:

Everything in Mayuri’s life has changed. She used to be a misfit teen, struggling in school. Now she’s the heir to the throne of an ancient Elf clan in charge of protecting earth, and the mysterious Torii. Each door, or gate, has its own story, but no one quite knows exactly how they work. Mayuri has given her heart to the equally mysterious Jason, who’s been studying Torii for over 300 years. Now she’s pregnant, but Jason isn’t the only possible father, and she doesn’t know who to choose. Far away, the Elf Prince, Raevon, is power hungry, and is feeling more threatened by the return of the queen, and the rebirth of Ashwin. With the help of the beautiful vampiress, Devani, he must decide what to do next to keep his reign over the entire Universe. What will he decide?



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